Who We Are:

The Southwest Neighborhood Association of Saratoga Springs, Inc. is a voluntary association of homeowners, business owners and residents in the Saratoga Springs portion of Geyser Crest; in the immediate area of the Saratoga Springs section of Geyser Road (i.e. from Hayes Drive to Route 50) and generally, within the entire southwest corner of the city. Specific boundaries may be found in the Association’s by-laws. Our purpose in organizing is to identify and take action on matters of civic concern to residents and businesses of the southwest neighborhood of the City of Saratoga Springs and, after appropriate consideration, to seek favorable resolution of these matters. Examples of the types of concerns to be addressed include planning, zoning and other land development issues; code enforcement; traffic problems; public utility issues; parks and recreation; aesthetic issues; needed services for the neighborhood; and city-wide quality of the natural and cultural environment of the southwest neighborhood; to conserve, protect and preserve public and private property interests; and to strive to achieve a sense of community.

Adopted Issues Include:

  • animal control
  • city property on Hathorn Blvd.
  • derelict cars
  • household debris
  • liaison to Master Gardener
  • historic cemetery preservation
  • accuracy of maps
  • sidewalk/bike path
  • right-of-way/tree belt protection
  • adopt-a-highway
  • sand dune protection
  • signage on public spaces
  • train derailment plan
  • street lights
  • storage containers in residential neighborhoods
  • missing house numbers
  • Community Policing
  • RV and boat storage info
  • “Curb Appeal” awards
  • Southwest Neighborhood Historian
  • Emergency call list
  • Web Site
  • Bike Rodeo/bike licensing