Minutes for May 13, 2014

Southwest Neighborhood Association of Saratoga Springs
Minutes – May 13, 2014

Meeting conducted in the Saratoga Eagle Community Room.

Officer introductions and reports;

President – Molly Gagné opened the meeting at 7p.m.

Vice-President – Candyce Robenstein

Corresponding Secretary – Margaret Prough – 3 letters sent to the March meeting guest speakers; Saratoga Springs Fire Chief Robert Williams and Ball Corporation Manager Ed Prunier thanked for presentation about nearby train tank cars, safety precautions and emergency response plans. Thank you sent to Milton Supervisor Lewza for his update on the upcoming Geyser Road improvement project.
A request was also made to send a thank you to Steve DeLoretto and Ball Corporation for their clean-up along Adams Road. A letter will be sent to Dehn’s Florist for donating flowers for the Veterans Memorial Park garden. A third letter will be sent to Fingerpaint for their work on the SSWNA.org web site.

Recording Secretary – Palma Burke presented the minutes from March 10, 2014. Minutes approved.

Treasurer – Dave Lauzon presented the financial report on SWNA funds held at the Saratoga National Bank. The general fund (checking account) totals $2,700.84. The Geyser Trail account holds $12,145.60. Total savings is $14,846.44.

Cady Cemetery/Baker Cemetery…. Organized by Matt Veitch, clean-up completed April 27. SWNA members Wally Elton, John Shaver and Molly Gagné helped Matt complete the task.
Adopt-a-Roadside….Geyser Road clean-up for Spring. Thank you to Raoul Gagné, Lori McCarron, Wally Elton and Chip and Jane Guyon. Clean-up bags are always available – call Raoul to get one.
Geyser Trail update… Trail leaders Matt Veitch and Wally Elton reported Greenman-Pedersen continues to work on the project. The Safe Routes to Schools sidewalks are soon to be built and a crosswalk light will accommodate pedestrians near the school. The city has applied for Geyser Trail funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program and SWNA provided a letter of support.
Street sign number tags – SWNA has voted to pay up to $200 for number tags to add to the street signs at Quevic Dr., Tamarack Tr., Trottingham Rd. and Curt Blvd. Commissioner Mathiesen said he thinks the tags will help eliminate confusion and he will speak to Commissioner Scirocco about the request.
Web Site work – Jason Yourdon reported the web site is new and improved thanks to help from the Fingerpaint Marketing and Advertising Company.
Geyser School update – Kristen Gatt, co-president of the PTO, reported their recent car wash raised $918. They continue to raise funds with the ongoing paper collection in the Greenfiber recycling dumpsters behind the school.
Neighborhood Garage Sales – the SWNA sale will be held May 16, 17 and 18. About a dozen members will participate.

Community Policing – Sgt. Jason Tetu gave a neighborhood report and security tips. “Be alert for what is unusual in the neighborhood”. Don’t delay making the call to 584-1800 or 911 for emergency.


Presentation given on lawn care for sandy conditions in our southwest neighborhood. Stressed the importance of testing soil for pH before applying lime or sulfur. Members brought soil samples for testing. Tony distributed information entitled “Lawn Care Facts 2014” covering crabgrass control, fertilization, grub control, aeration, watering and more.

SWNA treasurer Dave Lauzon also has master gardener experience and offered to purchase a soil test kit from Cooperative Extension. Dave will soon be available to do free soil tests for members.

New Business

Getting questions answered ? – a sheet of contact information is now available to assist residents looking for help regarding city codes, building/zoning regulations and permits or public utility issues.

Curb Appeal Awards – 20 specially tagged plants were taken by members to place at the doorsteps of neighbors, thanking them for the exceptional care given to their property. Plants from Dehn’s Florist.

Donations to the Backstretch Free Store – M-W-F, 11 to 2pm at the Recreation Hall on Union Ave. Jeans, sneakers, jackets, etc. Call or email Molly if you want your donation picked up.

CDTA – (Jonathan Scherzer, Director of Marketing) has graciously donated 25 one-day bus passes to SWNA members. Try the bus!

Next meeting
7- 8:30pm, Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014 at Saratoga Eagle Community Room.

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