Minutes November 10, 2015

Southwest Neighborhood Association of Saratoga Springs
Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The meeting was held in the conference room at Saratoga Eagle in Grande Industrial Park, with Lt. Shane Crooks of SSPD’s Community Policing attending, as well as guest speakers Dave Moen and Moises Avramidis of Allerdice Hardware.

SWNA officers’ introductions and reports

President – Molly Gagné opened the meeting at 7:01 PM. She introduced a resident from the Kirby Road neighborhood. He’s seeking input from SWNA on starting a neighborhood association. Molly also had copies of a City Hall contact list to hand out. She can also email this info to anyone requesting it.
Vice President – Candyce Robenstein had no new SWNA items to report, but said that the Saratoga Festival of Trees was seeking volunteers; anyone interested should see or call her.
Treasurer – Dave Lauzon reported SWNA bank balances as of 10/31/15as follows:
General funds (checking acc’t) – $2956.80; Geyser Trail earmarked funds – $12,654.89; for a total of $15,611.69.
Dave reminded us that annual SWNA membership dues are being collected now through January 2016. Dues are $10/family/year, and can be mailed to SWNA, P.O. Box 4783, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Checks should be payable to SWNA.
Corresponding Secretary – Margaret Prough reported that she sent congratulatory letters on behalf of SWNA to the recently reelected area officials: Mayor Yepsen, Commissioners Scirocco, Frank, Madigan and Mathiesen, County Supervisors Veitch and Martin, and also Milton Town Supervisor Lewza.
Recording Secretary – Karen Villesvik requested approval of the 9/8/15 meeting minutes: minutes accepted.

Police Report – Lt. Shane Crooks from SSPD reported the neighborhood has been “very quiet” with low criminal activity. He mentioned one incident of criminal mischief, and that SSPD has increased patrols to crack down on speeding violations, including the southwest neighborhood. We learned that the digital speed signs that are installed temporarily along roadways actually record the speeds of passing cars. The data is not used to ticket drivers but as an analytical tool in planning patrols.
Lt. Crooks cautioned us about an increase in telephone scams.
He reminded us to utilize the NIXEL website for SSPD updates and info, and shared the following contact info:
Email contact: scrooks@saratogapolice.org; or report problems to: tips@saratogapolice.org;
Members asked about the drop-box for disposing of unused pharmaceuticals, which is located in the downtown police department lobby and accessible 24/7. Contents are regularly incinerated.
Another concern of members is the continued problem of vehicles that speed through Evergreen Pointe when using it as a pass-through between Geyser and Adams Roads.
Neighborhood Watch – Rob Gatt was absent. Molly had a map of the watch zones, and said that a couple of the zones are still in need of volunteer coordinators, and that it is not a time-consuming task.
Email contact: swnawatch@yahoo.com

Old Business

• Adopt-a-Roadside – Molly asked for volunteers to complete the Geyser road litter pickup from the railroad overpass to Rte. 50 intersection. Contact Molly for safety vests and trash bags.
• Safe Routes to School project -The Safe Routes to School sidewalk project for Geyser Road School is proceeding nicely, and enhances our neighborhood. Unfortunately, one property right of way issue remains unresolved. Molly encouraged members to contact both the mayor’s office and Kate Maynard in the planning department about this matter. Eminent Domain is one option the city can use to resolve this problem.
• Adams Road weight limit request – Matt Veitch informed us that on 11/18/15 there will be a Town of Milton meeting and the weight limit change for Adams Road is on the agenda. It is expected that Supervisor Lewza will approve this change for the part of Adams Road that falls within Milton’s jurisdiction.
• Update on neglected/foreclosed properties in neighborhood – It was reported that the deteriorated home on Hathorn Blvd. was given a cleanup deadline notice of 11/20/15 by code officer Jack Donnelly. If not completed, the owner will face costs of city cleanup. Two derelict properties on Wampum Dr. will also be given notice. Jack Donnelly should be informed of any other neglected properties that negatively impact our neighborhood.

New Business

• Centennial Trees Project – The Department of Public Works has planted two Tulip Poplars on the grounds of the Geyser Field Veterans Park. These are quick growing and attractive shade trees, and their addition to the park is much appreciated.
• Streetlights out – Residents should call DPW at 587-3550 to report any streetlights not working. The location and the marked pole number should be included.
• Missing signs–The street-sign for Tiffany Drive is missing and needs to be replaced; also the bent pole for the Hathorn Blvd. street-sign on corner of Geyser Road has been replaced but the sign lettering is damaged.
• Home repair/maintenance contacts – There was discussion of creating a folder to collect the contact info of home repair, maintenance, and improvement contractors and businesses, as referred by residents/members.
• First Night Volunteers – The annual First Night event needs volunteers for the “button project.” There will be a pizza party on 11/16/15 at 6 pm in the Arts Center on Broadway for anyone interested in volunteering. Please RSVP Mary at 584-4132 X 208.
• SWNA Meetings in 2016 – Meetings will continue to be held every 2nd Tuesday of every other month, with no July meeting. Two dates however will conflict with elections: 9/13/16 (primary) and 11/8/16 (general). Molly is seeking feedback for changing these meeting dates. She mentioned that election poll workers are always needed. Interested members should call the Board of Elections to request training for this paid position .
• SWNA Officer elections – During our January meeting the positions of SWNA treasurer, corresponding secretary, and president will be up for election. Paul Safran proposed announcing the slate tonight in advance of the January vote and the slate was approved as same.

Guest Speakers
Dave Moen and Moises Avramidis of Allerdice Hardware

Dave Moen and Moises Avramidis of Allerdice Hardware gave a very entertaining, lively and informative presentation on preparing our homes, yards and gardens for winter. They brought along many examples of products and tools available at Allerdice and had coupon and calendar giveaways as well as some product brochures.

Allerdice Hardware was founded in the early 80’s by Wally and Sue Allerdice. Today there are stores in Saratoga Springs, Milton, and Malta, and also in Saratoga Springs there are on-site metal and wood custom fabrication shops, an equipment rental store, and a full service glass shop. Allerdice sells and services snow blowers, and the Malta location has a 200 foot showroom of grills and outdoor furniture.

Dave and Moises kept us laughing and attentive while discussing a wide range of winterizing topics and explaining the types of products Allerdice carries for these tasks:
preventing and removing ice and snow build-up on roofs; leak-sealing roofs; keeping driveways and sidewalks free of ice and snow; shielding shrubs and late fall lawn and garden fertilizing; protecting outside water spigots; insulating doors and windows; sealing cracks, gaps and cable wire openings with caulk and spray-foam products; replacing furnace filters; repelling and trapping mice; feeding the birds; and more.

They told us about the new Ace rewards program at Allerdice, which features dollar-points earned on every purchase, special member coupon offers, and instant rebates.

At the end of the presentation, two ‘door prizes’ were given out with Dave Lauzon and Rich Robenstein the winners.

The meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM.
Next meeting will be held at Saratoga Eagle on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, at 7 PM.

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