Minutes from January 14, 2014

Minutes – January 14, 2014

Tonight’s meeting conducted in the Saratoga Eagle Community Room.

President Palma Burke began the meeting at 7p.m.

Minutes  from  September 12, 2013 were approved.

Tonight’s minutes taken by Mary Kelly.

Treasurer’s report;

Income (dues) $40.47
Expenses (stationery) $23.51
Association spendable fund $1,720.88
Geyser Trail earmarked fund $12,145.00
Total funds $13,865.88

Correspondence report; Congratulatory letters were sent to Commissioners Madigan, Scirocco, Franck, Mathiesen , Mayor Yepsen and Supervisors Veitch, Martin and Lewza. Also a thank you was sent to Trisha Campbell-Hopper for professional organizing of our financial records and to former SWNA treasurer Kim DeMott  for her dedication to the association.

Guest Speaker- Mayor Joanne Yepsen

Mayor Yepsen gave an overview of what will be covered in her State of the City address on Tuesday, Jan. 28th. Her review will include the Geyser Road Trail project. The Mayor will speak about the potential siting of a full gambling casino in the city. Other items that she discussed were the Linkage Study, pedestrian and bike trail plans, Safe Routes to Schools and the proposed Saratoga Brigade baseball stadium.


Candidates (two year terms)
President – Molly Gagne’
Treasurer – Dave Lauzon
Corresponding Secretary – Margaret Prough

The following were elected to fill vacancies and will serve a one year term;

Vice  President – Candy Robenstein
Recording Secretary – Palma Burke

Single unanimous vote cast.

Discussion followed about treasury arrangements and protections. Motion made to separate spendable funds and earmarked trail funds into two accounts.

Vote passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18.
Next meeting will be on March 11, 2014.

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