Minutes from September 17, 2013

Minutes  –  September 17,  2013

Meeting in the Community Room of Saratoga Eagle, 45 Duplainville Rd.

Introduction by President Palma Burke

Vice President –  Eric LaCoppola – absent
Corresponding Secretary –  Margaret Prough – absent
Treasurer – Kim DeMott has resigned (moved)

Minutes from May 14, 3013 taken by Molly Gagné were approved.

Minutes for tonight’s meeting taken by Molly.

Corresponding Secretary – Margaret Prough sent one letter to City Planner Brad Birge and to the City Council supporting the application for TEP Funding to build the Geyser Road Trail.

Treasurer’s Report – Kim DeMott’s report was read by Palma Burke as the DeMotts have recently moved.  We began this period in May with $13,897.46.  $70 in dues was deposited.  $40 was spent on newspaper ad and signs for the SWNA Neighborhood Garage Sale.  September’s account begins with $13,926.92.  Of this, $12,145.00 is earmarked “trail funds” and $1,781.92 are spendable funds.

Community Policing – no  Saratoga Springs officer in attendance.

Meet the Candidates night –  Discussion about hosting an event in October.  SWNA was successful in planning this event before the last election but will quickly need a member to organize an event. No member volunteered during this meeting.

GUEST SPEAKER – Director of Recreation John Hirliman,   accompanied by Derek LeGall, Chairman of the Saratoga Springs Recreation Commission.

Mr. Hirliman spoke about the Saratoga Phillies, a Division 1 team in the New England College Baseball League.  Veterans’ Park has been chosen to build a stadium for the Saratoga Phillies team and to be owned and used by the community. If approved, the construction is planned for Spring 2014.  Mr. Hirliman distributed copies of proposed plans and location of the stadium.  It will be built to NCAA standards. The Saratoga Phillies plays about 24 home games.  Admission to the games is free.  Attendees asked questions about lighting, basketball courts, tennis courts, walking path, advertising signs, parking, restrooms and maintenance.

Information presented by Raoul Gagne regarding the  C.D.T.A. bus stop at Casino Drive.

Devin DalPosSWNA past-president and  member of the Saratoga Springs Comprehensive Plan Commission.

Devin reported that the Comp Plan Committee meets on the third Monday of each month. They are setting goals and hope to have the draft ready by the end of the year.  The next meeting will be held Sept. 30th from 6 to 8 at the library.  Members asked Devin to address unregistered vehicles, boat storage and neighborhood drainage issues with the committee.

More info about the Comprehensive Plan can be seen at  www.engagesaratoga.com

Member Comments;

— Mary Kelly reports that a “bike ride” benefiting the Center for Missing and Exploited Children will stop at Geyser School this Friday at 10 A.M.

Dave Morris reports that the many years of flooding problems on Tamarack Trail may now be fixed. He has been working with D.P.W. to examine the severe flooding problems and make appropriate changes.  Drain wells and dry wells have been cleaned and a new dry well was installed.

— Jean Chenier suggested that a thank you be sent to Kim DeMott for all the help she gave to SWNA while serving as treasurer.

— Molly Gagne suggested a thank you be sent to Trisha Hopper for the extensive work she has done to professionally organize the SWNA financial records.

Meeting adjourned 8:37.
Next meeting Tuesday, November 12, 3013 at 7pm.
Saratoga Eagle Conference Room, 45 Duplainville Rd.

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