Minutes from September 18, 2012

Minutes from September 18, 2012

Meeting held in the Community Room of Saratoga Eagle, 45 Duplainville Rd.

Introduction of Officers:
Palma Burke,            President
Eric LaCoppola,        Vice President (not in attendance)
Kim DeMott,            Treasurer
Margaret Prough,   Corresponding Secretary
Annette Carlow,      Interim Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary Margaret Prough reported one letter sent to Serrotta Bike expressing  pleasure that their business is remaining in our neighborhood.  In the first years of SWNA, Ben Serotta generously offered us a  beautiful meeting space.

Treasurer Kim DeMott reported that, as of last meeting, we had $1,378.09.  We spent $90 for a playground brick for the Geyser Elementary School which will be inscribed with the SWNA name. $10 in dues were received which put the total at $1,298.09.

Minutes from May 9, 2012 were accepted.


  • Reminder to keep street grates clean of leaves and snow
  • Residents on Casino Drive unhappy about litter at CDTA bus stop on Geyser Rd.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – Coordinator Bill Chisham reports the neighborhood has been mostly quiet but vandalism on the rise. Bill read a letter stating that he would resign from Watch leadership effective 1/1/13. All members would receive an email with his resignation. One or two good people need to step forward to assume the leadership position. Bill encouraged members to continue being a “passive Watch” and report all problems immediately.

ADOPT – A- ROADSIDE –volunteer Raoul Gagné has done some cleaning throughout the summer.  Please contact Raoul for orange County bags and a vest if you plan to help.


 – PAT KANE explained the proposed COUNCIL/MANAGER form of government and how it differs from our current form in Saratoga Springs. Questions from members were answered and comments offered.  Information is available at the web site


-SCOTT VARLEY presented designs and maps detailing the newest addition to our Southwest Neighborhood – Beaver Pond Village. The housing development will be a true conservation sub division and provide 84 homes.   www.beaverpondvillage.com

Next meeting will be held November 13, 2012 in the Saratoga Eagle Community Room.

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