Minutes November 11, 2014

Southwest Neighborhood Association of Saratoga Springs
Minutes – November 11, 2014

Meeting conducted in the Saratoga Eagle Community Room

Officer introductions and reports;
President – Molly Gagne’ opened the meeting at 7pm. In honor of Veterans Day, members who served our country were recognized and the memorable poem
In Flanders Fields by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was read.
We are looking for a member to serve as a back-up to Jason Yourdon for posting minutes on the sswna.org web site.
Vice- President – Candy Robenstein is serving as volunteer coordinator for the Festival of Trees, Nov. 30 to Dec. 7th at the City Center. She’s looking for people to help with setup, staffing and after- event clean up. Signup sheet was circulated.
Treasurer -Dave Lauzon presented the financial report on funds being held at the Saratoga National Bank. The general fund (checking account) totals $2,732.22. The Geyser Trail account totals $12,148.64. Total Funds are $14,880.86. Dues collection for 2015 begins now and continues through March 2015.
Corresponding Secretary – Margaret Prough sent a thank you to City Code Administrator Kevin Veitch for his informational presentation at our September meeting.
Recording Secretary – Palma Burke requested approval of September 16, 2014 minutes. Minutes approved.
Neighborhood Watch – Rob Gatt, SW Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, has been in contact with the SSPD. More coordinators are needed to cover the 10 zones in our neighborhood.
Code Enforcement and Department of Public Works – Margaret Prough reported on a meeting with the two departments. Attending were Commissioner Scirocco, DPW assistant Donna Buckley, Code Administrator Kevin Veitch, Molly Gagne’ and Margaret Prough. The discussion included areas needing improvement and suggestions for better coordination of resources between departments and with SWNA.
SWNA Elections in January – Candyce Robenstein has agreed to continue as vice-president. At this time there are no candidates to fill the position of Recording Secretary.
Comprehensive Plan update – Devin DalPos, past president of SWNA and Comp Plan committee member, reported that the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan is being worked on. There will be a Public Comment period announced soon and Devin will notify us of the date and time.
Read the plan draft at saratoga-springs.org

New Business
Apple Orchard – we need more information about a Geyser Road School project. SWNA may contribute. Fencing and trees will be needed.
Neighbors in Need – a reminder that winter can present dangers, especially for elderly.

Guest Speakers

County Supervisor Matt Veitch, leader of the Geyser Trail Committee Deputy Mayor Joe Ogden
Peter Faith of Greenman-Pedersen Engineering

Matt gave a brief history of the Geyser Trail project including procurement and holding of start-up funds and SWNA funding the Scoping Document and the Field Survey. Our multi-use trail project is now being managed by the city. Information was provided about the recently awarded $1.6 million Transportation Alternatives Program grant, the progress on the Geyser School Safe Routes to Schools grant and the planned improvements for the intersection at Geyser Rd. and Route 50.
Deputy Mayor Joe Ogden said the city is putting great emphasis on “sustainability and open space”. He thanked the employees of the city’s Department of Planning for their successful TAP application and praised SWNA for its ongoing commitment and contributions to the Saratoga Springs community.
GP Engineer Peter Faith shared information regarding grant applications submitted in 2010 and 2012.
He gave an overview of what to expect along Geyser Road: Paving in 2016, improvements at Route 50 and Cady Blvd., Safe Routes to Schools activated pedestrian light, sidewalk from Cady Blvd. to Rt. 50, and spoke of ongoing construction and Geyser Trail connection in Milton. The schedule for the Geyser Trail and Geyser Road paving projects was discussed.
A public trail meeting will be scheduled for early to mid-December. Location to be announced. The Right of Way process will proceed from March to September 2015.

No other business was conducted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45.

Next meeting will be held January 13, 2015 at 7PM. Location to be announced.

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