pedestrian and bicycle path

The Geyser Road Trail, as envisioned by the Neighborhood Association, is a 2.8 mile path that will begin at the City line between Saratoga Springs and the Town of Milton.

It will continue along the north side of Geyser Road, eventually connecting to trails in the Saratoga Spa State Park, and also to the existing Railroad Run trail in the City.

Railroad Run is scheduled to be extended southward sometime in the future, and there are current proposals to expand trails in the Spa State Park. The Geyser Road trail will be a multi-use trail, allowing for both pedestrian and bicycle access.

The proposed construction is to be of asphalt materials. It will be the first link from a neighborhood located within the suburban outskirts to Downtown Saratoga Springs.

The estimated cost of the trail at this time is $1.8 million dollars, which includes crossings over the CP Rail tracks and also a boardwalk-style crossing over the Geyser Lake near the intersection of Geyser Road and Route 50.

The State DOT and Saratoga County currently have a project scheduled for 2010 to replace the bridge over the CP Railroad tracks, which should lessen the total cost of the trail project.